Anger / Frustration Management Skills

What it is

An area of student need, based on his/her demonstrated behaviour.

Teaching Strategies

• Direct instruction/social skills lessons on methods to appropriately deal with anger (could be full class, small group or individual lessons).
• Use roleplay to practice appropriate responses to anger, including a cool down period and labeling of feelings.
• Vocalize/model/self-talk your own steps for dealing with potential anger.
• Use literature and current events to discuss positive choices pertaining to anger management of others.
• Use modeling, and vocalize your pro-social choices.
• Use social stories.


• Use preferential seating, close to the teacher or peers who will model appropriately, and away from sources of conflict, when possible.
• Provide a cool-down/time-out location, and establish parameters for when the student can access this location.
• Speak privately to the student when possible.
• Provide anger reduction tools (doodle pad, stress ball, iPod).
• Post clear and descriptive classroom rules that focus on what students are expected to do to behave appropriately in class.


• Give advance notice of tests and assignments (e.g. one week/month notice on a written calendar).
• Provide a range of assessment options to permit student choice.
• Allow the option of open book tests.
• Minimize distractions/consider an alternative testing location.
• Chunk tests and assignments into small tasks when necessary.
• Reduce the quantity of test/assignment items.
• Provide additional time.
• Allow periodic supervised breaks.


What anger is, why it needs to be managed, and how it should be managed. From The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

Links to a variety of anger management strategies and resources.

By division, also addressing bullying and conflict resolution.

This secondary panel lesson plan on anger management focuses on “I” Messages.

For Purchase

Teaches “cool” way to handle anger at all division levels with video enactments

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