Non-Teacher Professional Assessments

What it is

Specialized assessments conducted by a variety of professionals, other than teachers, to provide information on a student’s learning profile. Could be conducted by school boards or accessed by parents/guardians privately with results/reports shared with teachers. Some examples could include psychological and speech and language assessments, if parents/guardians consent.


• If the student will be assessed at school, ensure the student and parents/guardians have been informed of the referral to the non-teacher professional.
• Insure that the professional has all necessary contact information so that appropriate informed consent can be attained.
• Request a quiet/private space for the assessment.
• Inquire if an advance copy of the professional’s report would be available for teachers to read and develop a list of questions before any meetings with professionals.
• Request a copy of the assessment to highlight, and jot down notes.
• Revise IEP based on professional assessment results.
• Implement recommendations from reports, as appropriate.


Information outlining different types of professionals, provided by the Hospital for Sick Kids, About Kids Health.

Psycho-Educational Overview
Occupational Therapist (OT) Assessments
Physiotherapy (PT) Assessments
Vision Assessments
Hearing Assessments
Speech and Language Assessments
Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments
Attention Deficit/Hyper-Activity Disorder Assessments

A frequently used rating assessment given by doctors for teachers to complete as part of an ADHD assessment.

Behaviour Assessments
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