Low Vision

What it is

An area of student need, involving reduced vision, even when corrected with glasses.

Teaching Strategies

• Implement strategies suggested by a teacher of the blind.
• Provide copies of notes.
• Use white chalk on a blackboard or black marker on a whiteboard.
• Provide oral instructions with visual ones.
• Use an auditory cue to get the attention of the class.


• Use preferential seating near the front of the class and near assistive technology.
• Use a slant board to reduce glare.
• Dim or brighten the lighting according to the needs of the student; a desk lamp may be needed with access to an outlet (consider window lighting too).
• Develop a plan for safely moving through the school and for evacuation.


• Use assistive technology/computers for enlargement.
• Provide enlarged copies of tests.
• Allow extra time.
• Allow oral tests and/or scribing.
• allow breaks to refocus/rest eyes.

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