Depression/Sadness Management

What it is

An area of student need characterized by chronic sadness and feelings of inadequacy. Students may have low moods that negatively impact their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, views and physical well-being.

Teaching Strategies


• Develop a student profile and use differentiated instruction targeted at the student’s preferred learning method.
• Increase student engagement with advance notice of upcoming topics of interest to the student.
• Provide positive reinforcement for any proximity towards the desired outcome.
• Chunk large tasks into parts.
• Frequent teacher check in’s.
• Offer breaks from tasks.


• Ask the student and allow him/her to sit in a location where they are comfortable in class.
• Consider close proximity to the teacher for more frequent positive interactions.
• Be aware of any potential negative peer influences and try to have the student situated in a different area.
• Be aware of any sensory issues that could be reduced to optimize learning.
• Offer working in an alternative location for parts of lessons (resource room, library, etc.).


• Offer the student choices for demonstration of learning and assessment.
• Extend time limits for assessments to reduce pressure.
• Offer another location or time to write tests (resource room, at recess, etc.).

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