What it is

An area of student need, involving difficulty remembering.

Teaching Strategies

• Establish and use home communication system and student agendas for accurate relay of homework, projects, tests.
• Use repetition.
• Frequently check with the student for understanding.
• Use graphic organizers.
• Use concise and simple instructions.
• Use computers and assistive technology (graphic organizers).


• Use preferential seating to reduce distractions.
• Post reference material to act as an external memory aid.


• Provide extra time for tests and assignments.
• Focus assessment on concepts/application of knowledge.
• Allow calculators, dictionaries, formula sheets, definition sheets during tests.
• Allow for the retaking of unsuccessful tests/assignments to demonstrate learning of those skills.
• Provide written instruction sheets and rubrics for assignments.
• Provide templates for the student to complete for assignments.
• Chunk tests and assignments and give feedback.

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