Reporting on IEP Progress

What it is

Formally communicating, in writing, student progress on modified and/or alternative IEP learning expectations.


• Comment on the specific progress the student has made on his/her SMART learning expectations.

Strategies/Reporting Guidelines

For Accommodations (only) While Accessing Regular Curriculum Expectations
Student progress for those working on appropriate age/grade curriculum with IEP documented accommodations is reported on the Provincial Report Card, without checking the IEP box and without reference to accommodations.

For Modified Learning Expectations
The regular Provincial Report Card is used and the IEP box is checked for the specific subject that is modified. A statement is made in the comment box indicating that the student is working on modified learning expectations as outlined in the IEP. Comments are made, based on the assessment of the specific modified learning expectations from the IEP.

For Alternative Learning Expectations
For students who are completely working on alternative learning expectations, an alternative report card is used, with a template generated by school boards. Sometimes the Provincial Report Card Addendum is used. No marks are given for alternative learning expectations, just comments.

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