Safety/Emergency Response/Crisis Response Plans

What it is

A predetermined plan of action to address potential student safety concerns to minimize risk for the student and others.


• Develop the plan with a team of teachers, educational workers, administrators, parents/guardians and the student.
• Utilize non-teacher professional reports and recommendations.
• Document the plan on a board template, if available.
• Share the plan with all staff.
• Ensure the plan is available for supply teachers.
• Revise the plan regularly.
• Communicate regularly with parents/guardians and administrators, especially when plan is used.
• Debrief with staff after each incident and revise plan as needed.
• Track student behaviour.
• Teach needed skills to the student via alternative IEP programming.
• Consider staff training in crisis intervention (for example, Behaviour Management Systems Training (BMST) or Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI).

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