Create an Inclusive & Positive Class Climate

What it is

Inclusive and positive classroom climates are learning environments where students feel valued, respected and part of the classroom community and are thus ready to learn.

“They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
–Carol Buchner


• Develop and maintain a positive rapport with all students. (Get to know their names quickly, find out their likes and hobbies, greet them at the door each day, provide them a procedure to speaking privately with you, be supportive of their learning academically, behaviourally, socially and emotionally).
• Interact with students positively and use humour. Develop a sense of collaboration.
• Use team building activities and consider establishing a common goal or responsibility for the class (looking after milk orders, class pet, fund raising, social issue, etc.).
• Have well established and posted class rules and consequences and regularly teach and review them with students.
• Speak in a calm and positive way even when addressing negative situations.
• Have a sign for getting the class’ attention to avoid yelling (flick the lights, hand up, etc.).
• Follow up immediately on all reports of bullying/negative behaviour and involve administration and other supports.
• Be aware of potential bullying that students may not report and address it.
• Directly teach lessons on social and emotional skills and character education.
• Circulate frequently among the students and check in to ensure on-task and understanding.
• Reinforce that making mistakes is how everyone learns.
• Learn along with student and explicitly demonstrate problem solving processes.
• Identify students who need increased support and communicate them to the school team.
• Involve community supports for whole class presentations.
• Be in frequent contact with parents, administration and other teachers.
• Enlist school counseling supports (Child and Youth Worker, Social Worker, Counselor, etc.).
• Be aware of increased behaviours and report to parents and school team.
• Provide opportunities for success and rewards for pro-social behaviours.

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