Teacher Assessment of Student Needs

What it is

Teacher assessment of student needs is a method of determining a student’s current level of knowledge and skills in a particular area using measurable terms to direct future learning. Teacher assessment is used to determine the current level of student achievement and, accordingly, to determine appropriate teaching strategies and goals for the student.


• Examine the errors and why they were made, and use this information to direct the next steps in teaching error analysis.
• Use various forms of assessment to accurately measure what you intend. A math test of word problems may seem like a difficulty with math, when it may in fact be a reading or receptive language issue.
• Allow students a choice in assessment options to test the same skill.
• Allow for retaking of tests or improving of assignments to demonstrate improved learning.
• Review and document a summary of the student’s Ontario School Record(OSR)for past information; consider strengths and needs. Be sure to examine the documentation file in the OSR for previous assessments. Please see the non-teacher assessment section of this site for information on how to use professional reports.
• Use tracking and documentation of assessment.
• Develop a learner profile from your assessments. See Education for All for template/rubric Page 43-48.
• Meet with parents/guardians to discuss concerns and get information.


Ontario Ministry of Education key document, with processes and strategies.

Ontario Ministry of Education resource.

Includes DRA/PM Benchmarks, Running Records, CASI.

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