Time Management Skills

What it is

An area of student need, involving difficulty with using time effectively.

Teaching Strategies


• Provide direct instruction in methods of managing time.
• Use a visual timer.
• Break tasks into parts with accompanying time lines.
• Frequently check on work completion and give feedback.
• Teach and prompt student to use an agenda.
• Use checklists.
• Reduce the quantity of work.
• Use work completion contracts, with clear consequences.
• Use visual and oral prompts with respect to time management.
• Provide a reward/break when each segment of work is completed.


• Use preferential seating to avoid distractions.
• Provide an alternative work space.


• Provide additional time.
• Chunk test questions/assignments.
• Use checklists for assignments.
• Provide feedback for each part of an assignment.
• Provide a choice of assignments.

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